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Ceiling Fan Installation

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Expert Ceiling Fan Installation In New Iberia

Gridic Electrical Services offers ceiling fan installation and repair services to Lafayette homeowners who want to stay cool during the hot summers while also saving money on their air conditioning bills. Our licensed electricians have experience with a variety of ceiling fan types, from high-tech ceiling fans with remote controls to ceiling fans with and without lights.

Ceiling fans are a worthwhile house improvement investment because they assist in the proper circulation of air, which provides relief from the intense heat and also a decent supply of fresh air in rooms that lack ventilation systems. Ceiling fan technology has advanced considerably over time. Ceiling fans have evolved into more elegant designs, with curved fan blades for increased aerodynamics, quiet motors, lighting add-ons, and remote control. You can now have a contemporary, stylish, and energy-efficient ceiling fan instead of the traditional run-of-the-mill ones. Some ceiling fans feature intricate lighting designs and stylized fan blades that give them an ornamental focal point in the room. It’s all about what you want in a ceiling fan, as well as how much money you’re willing to spend. If you’re in need of ceiling fan installation in New Iberia, contact our expert Louisiana electricians today for a free quote.

Ceiling Fan Benefits & Uses

There are several advantages to installing a ceiling fan in your house or workplace. Below are just a few of the more popular benefits.

Energy Savings

Using a ceiling fan in the summer or winter might help you save money on your energy bills. You may regulate your thermostat a few degrees to ensure that your HVAC doesn’t require as much energy. The ceiling fan circulates the air to cool the area in the summer or distributes hot air in the winter.

Indoor & Outdoor Comfort

Ceiling fans make your home and outdoor areas more pleasant. It circulates the air indoors for better cooling or warmth, while outside, it can aid in the circulation of air around your patio or deck area.

Lighting & Ceiling Fan Installation

Today, many of our ceiling fan choices are coupled with lighting. As a result, you may make better use of your area by generating the ambiance you desire and being comfortable at the same time. If you’re in need of ceiling fan installation in New Iberia, our electricians can also replace existing ceiling fans with LEDs to add illumination to them.


Ceiling fans provide a unique aesthetic to your house. You may complement the look and feel of a room with a beautiful new ceiling fan if you install one that has fashionable blades or ornate patterns.

Steps To Installing A Ceiling Fan

Adding a ceiling fan to your home may be time-consuming and difficult, but the electricians at Gridic Electrical Services make the process simple. It’s not a good idea to tackle this job without an expert because it involves installing new wiring and a switch. If you’re looking for ceiling fan installation in New Iberia, reach out to our experienced team of licensed professionals at Gridic Electrical Services today for a free quote. Below are the steps needed to successfully install a ceiling fan.

Preparing The Area

We’ll need to make sure that the ceiling fan you choose is appropriate for your room and that the area can accommodate the equipment. It’s a difficult choice to select the finest sort of fan and the best location for it. The fan will need to be properly linked to an electric ceiling box capable of supporting the fixture’s weight. It will also have to support all of the wiring and weights of the fixture. We’ll need to make sure your fan is connected properly to the switch and that the power to the fan is shut off at the panel. This will prevent electrical shock by preventing electricity from passing through anything. If you want to operate your fan with a light switch, we’ll need to double-check that it’s wired correctly, including checking for any joists or plumbing pipes that might be an issue.

Finally, if the fan is placed in a location where no other fan has previously been installed, you should contact your local building code department to see whether any permits are necessary. If your junction box is capable of bearing ceiling fans, it should indicate as such on the cover. We will replace this with a junction box that is supported by a brace and contains a note indicating that it may bear ceiling fans. These measures will guarantee that your ceiling fan installation in New Iberia goes without issue.

Mounting The Junction Box

If there’s an existing fan or fixture where we’ll put the new one, we’ll need to take it down. If you don’t already have one, we’ll need to install a junction box and mount the fan’s bracket.

Installing The Downrod

The pipe that connects the fan to the mounting hardware is called the downrod. It’s a necessary element of the fan’s operation since it keeps things stable. This stage is quite simple. We’ll need to slip the downrod over the bracket on the ceiling.

Wiring The Ceiling Fan

During this step, we’ll connect your fan to the electricity in your home. This is one of the reasons it’s critical to choose a professional at Gridic Electrical Services for this work. We will take great care while installing so that you don’t experience the awful vibrating sensation that some fans do when they’re not installed correctly.

Attaching The Blades And Bulbs

The blade that goes into each fan bracket is the same. We’ll make sure these blades are properly fastened to ensure your safety and obtain the advantages of the fan. If your fan has a light fixture, we will guarantee that this installation is done correctly as well.

What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need?

Choosing the proper ceiling fan size is critical in order for it to be efficient and blend in. The blade span of a ceiling fan is the diameter of the circle produced when its blades are turning, which is also known as blade sweep.

The blade span can be estimated by measuring from the tip of one fan blade to the tip of the blade immediately across from it. Although height varies depending on whether you have low or high ceilings, the ceiling fan size should remain similar to that of the area. Use the info below to determine what size ceiling fan you need.

Ceiling Fan Size Guide

To get the most out of a ceiling fan, you’ll need to choose the right size. We recommend that you utilize one of the following dimensions for your ceiling fan installation in Lafayette:

  • Rooms up to 75 square feet = 29 to 36 inches 
  • Rooms 76 to 144 square feet = 36 to 42 inches 
  • Rooms 144 to 225 square feet = 44 inches 
  • Rooms 225 to 400 square feet = 50 to 54 inches 

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Are you ready to take advantage of the advantages of professional ceiling fan installation in New Iberia? The next step is to visit contact Gridic Electrical Services to speak with our experienced electricians and get your free quote. When you’re in need of a ceiling fan installation, look no further than Gridic Electrical Services for high-quality ceiling fan installation services in New Iberia and the greater Lafayette area. Ceiling fan installation cost is influenced by a variety of factors including the type of fan being used, its size, the scope of the project itself, and who is doing the work among others. Don’t settle for anything but the best, contact Gridic Electrical Services today.