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Outlet & Switch Services in Lafayette

Gridic Electrical Services strives to provide unmatched electrical assistance to both our residential and commercial customers. Your outlets and switches, which are sometimes neglected, are the most obvious electrical components in your space. Although physically a minor component of your electrical system, these elements allow you to use your property’s electricity.

We provide a wide range of emergency electrical services in addition to traditional maintenance and repair services. Our certified and fully trained electricians understand the importance of your outlets and switches, which is why we provide you with the best quality outlet installation in New Iberia and the surrounding areas. To talk with one of our licensed electricians about your free estimate, call Gridic Electrical Services today.

Do I Need Outlet Repairs?

If you have concerns about the behavior of your outlets, it’s time to get in touch with a professional. As a property owner, you have a lot to maintain in order to ensure a safe and efficient environment. Our electricians want to relieve one more worry off your plate by sharing the seven most common signs of flagging outlets to help you better spot minor issues before they become damaging. Seven signs your outlets need servicing include:

  • The outlet isn’t working
  • It is a two-pronged outlet
  • Outlets are warm to the touch
  • Damage to your faceplates, like cracks or chips
  • Plugs are falling out easily
  • You smell burning plastic
  • You see sparking

Common Types Of Electrical Sockets

Alternating current electrical outlets allow electricity to travel from one item to the next by way of alternating current. There are many different varieties available for you to use in your house. The following are some examples of electrical sockets commonly used in people’s houses:

Standard Outlets

The majority of the outlets you’ll encounter in Louisiana are the conventional Two-Prong and Three-Prong outlets, as they’re common in most houses around here. Many older homes in New Iberia and the greater Lafayette area feature these electrical outlets, which are known as “Builder’s Grade Outlets.” Metal plates are frequently used in the fabrication of such outlets. They’re generally lower-quality outlets that are simply made and more prone to wear over time as a result of regular usage. If you have two-prong or three-prong outlets, contact Gridic Electrical Services immediately!

Childproof Electrical Outlets

It takes only a split-second lapse in attention to cause disaster to strike. That is why it is our parental responsibility to attempt and minimize as many potential dangers as possible from our homes in order to safeguard our children. Replacing your home’s regular outlets with childproof electrical outlets is one of the proactive methods you can take. Children at some point in their development become interested in electrical outlets. They find them amusing, especially when attempting to cram things into the outlets. It is critical that we ensure that no matter what they plug into the receptacle it will not send electricity through it, which might be hazardous to their health. Electrical outlets that can only be used by children help protect your children from these risks and provide you peace of mind.

20A Outlets

In areas of high usage, it is important to use outlets that are big enough for today’s more powerful electronics. These outlets are made to safely handle bigger devices without tripping the breaker. These will most often be found in places where heavy appliances like utility closets and kitchens are utilized.

Switched Outlets

Switched Electrical Outlets are a great choice when you need to switch your outlet off and on as needed. They’re shown by the presence of a single electrical socket, along with an adjacent switch that is used to turn the electricity on and off to the outlet.

USB Outlets

With the increasing popularity of USB-charged gadgets, USB Electrical Outlets are becoming more popular in new buildings and enterprises. However, this does not mean you can’t install them in older homes or existing businesses. They’re quick to set up and frequently come with two conventional outlet connections as well.

Smart Outlets

Smart Electrical Outlets are the future of outlet gaming, allowing you to go way above and beyond in the Outlet Game! They’re similar to ordinary outlets, but they may be controlled using Alexa and Google Technology. This implies that your outlet can be switched on and off from any place with internet access. If you want to use this solution, you’ll need a smart home hub.

AFCI Outlets

The wires in your home are likely to be infested with termites, which can lead to fires. This is why they’re encased in metal boxes and secured tightly so the electricity doesn’t flow through them. Also known as Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, these prevent electricity from flowing between wires and causing fires by enclosing the wires in metallic.

GFCI Outlets

When a GFCI electrical outlet detects a short circuit or ground fault, it immediately shuts off the power. The electricity travels through the “hot wire” and back through the neutral wire as normal. If electricity passes beyond that, though, the GFCI Outlet will trip to protect you from electrocution. GFCI outlets are more costly than standard three-prong outlets, but they must be placed in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It is critical to hire a Certified Electrician to install GFCI Outlets, especially in businesses or homes that are near water sources or have a lot of power use. For more about GFCI outlet installation in New Iberia, read more below.

Benefits of GFCI Outlet Installation

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, also known as GFCI, are quickly becoming the preferred option for homes and businesses alike because they can sense the current flowing from appliances to the outlet and will automatically cut power if there is any evidence of a ground fault. This guarantees a safer atmosphere for everyone while being particularly beneficial in areas that have a lot of moisture, including kitchens, bathrooms, or outdoors.

  • Outside plugs
  • Bathroom plugs
  • Plugs on your kitchen countertop
  • Plugs for your pool pumps & jacuzzi

The GFCI outlets are also effective at preventing electrical shocks from faults in the appliances connected to them. The GFCI device will switch off power to the outlet and any attached equipment in order to prevent the user from being shocked if a fault is detected.

GFCI outlets are a must if you don’t want to be shocked when using your appliances or outlets. If you want to replace two-pronged non-grounded outlets with three-pronged grounded ones without having new wires installed, GFCI devices are the way to go.

In Need Of Outlet Installation In New Iberia? We Can Help

If you’re looking for reliable outlet installation services in New Iberia contact Gridic Electrical Services for adaptable scheduling, reputable and licensed electricians, and unrivaled craftsmanship and customer care. We serve residential and commercial customers in Lafayette and the surrounding cities.