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Electrical Repair And Installation In New Iberia

Electrical repair and installation can be complex and give even the handy-est of people problems. That’s why you should always seek advice and work from licensed electricians when it comes to electrical repairs and installation. Because electrical failure may result in fires and make your property unhabitable, you should avoid using an inexperienced person to do electrical work for you. If you need any sort of upgrading or repair, contact one of our specialists from Gridic Electrical Services today for a free quote. Even if you don’t require emergency electrical repair services, it’s critical to schedule the work as soon as possible so that future issues do not develop.

Common Issues That Require Professional Electrical Repair

Your house, like your body, needs upkeep and inspections on a regular basis. If you allow an electrical wiring problem to go untreated for too long, it might cause damage to your house or business, as well as physical harm to you or your family. Below are some of the most common issues that require electrical repair services in New Iberia.

Light Switches Not Working Properly

Is it unusual for your light switch to flicker or not turn on when you flip the switch? Does your house’s light switch function abnormally? It’s possible that an outlet, circuit, or wiring issue is to blame.

Lights Too Bright Or Too Dim

There are two typical reasons why some lights in the home appear to be excessively bright or dim. It might be due to the use of different types of lighting with varying wattage levels. Typically, the issue is caused by a bad or damaged main neutral connection. Because this problem needs expert electrical repair in New Iberia,  contact Gridic Electrical Services right away.

Ceiling Fan Rewiring

Gridic Electrical Services offers ceiling fan installation and repair services to Lafayette homeowners who want to stay cool during the hot summers while also saving money on their air conditioning bills. Our licensed electricians have experience with a variety of ceiling fan types, from high-tech ceiling fans with remote controls to ceiling fans with and without lights.

Electrical Panel Installation & Repair

A breaker panel, also known as an electrical panel, is required in any Louisiana home. Turn to the knowledgeable professionals at Gridic Electrical if you’re in need of electrical panel installation or repair in New Iberia. We’re expert residential and commercial electricians that go above and beyond to assure client happiness and high-quality workmanship. When you work with us you can expect a properly functioning electrical panel that will effectively power your property.

Surge Protector Installation

Did you know that your home is susceptible to power surges? When big appliances like an air conditioner unit or dishwasher start up, they generate a surge in your electrical system. Surges may also enter your property via phone and cable lines. To put it another way, surge protection in New Iberia is highly recommended to keep your appliances, electronics, and overall home safe.

Increased Energy Bills from Your Lights, Fixtures, and Appliances

Are your electricity costs in Acadiana increasing? Older electrical wiring, appliances, and switches will function less effectively and cause your monthly energy bill to rise. Many actions can be taken to decrease usage, but it may be an indication that a larger usage problem exists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Electrical Repairs Do?

Electrical repairs entail a wide range of services, ranging from major installation or rewiring your property to replacing a damaged light switch or receptacle. It is difficult to determine the source of an electrical problem at home without the aid of a knowledgeable expert.

Is It Illegal To Do Your Own Electrical Wiring?

Installing a light switch yourself, for example, is dangerous and many municipalities demand that electrical work be done by a licensed electrician. You may believe you can save money by wiring your own electrical appliances, but doing it yourself might put you or your family in danger.

Contact Us For Electrical Repair Services In New Iberia

It’s always a good idea to have a certified electrician in Acadiana come out and give you an inspection, even if you’re not sure whether there’s a wiring problem. At Gridic Electrical Services, we’ve seen it all before and have the experience needed to get the job done right. If you’re in need of electrical repair in New Iberia, give us a call today to receive a free quote.