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Surge Protector Installation In New Iberia

Did you know that your home is susceptible to power surges? When big appliances like an air conditioner unit or dishwasher start up, they generate a surge in your electrical system. Surges may also enter your property via phone and cable lines. To put it another way, surge protection in New Iberia is highly recommended to keep your appliances, electronics, and overall home safe.

A whole-house surge protector protects your entire home from surges and ensures protection for a lifetime. Consider how much money you’ll save by not having to replace your laptop or widescreen TV after the next surge. Gridic Electrical Services can install a whole-home surge protection device in New Iberia to protect your property. Call us today to speak with one of our certified electricians and receive a free quote.

Where Do Power Surges Come From?

While power outages and lightning strikes may spring to mind, power surges are actually prevalent and the majority of them start in your own home. Typically, minor surges are induced by appliances drawing a lot of electricity. HVAC systems, electric water heaters, hair dryers, microwaves, and many other electronics consume a significant amount of energy. When they first turn on, certain appliances (such as air conditioners) can produce enough draw to create a little power surge.

This can destroy the electrical equipment in your home if you don’t have surge protection. The most significant advantage of a whole-home surge protector is that it protects against the potential damage caused by these small, regular surges as well as larger bursts of electricity.

What Is Whole House Surge Protection?

When you have a complete-house surge protector installed, you are restricting the power company’s over-voltages from entering your home’s electrical system. It then manages surges generated within the house. This prevents surges from reaching your appliances or electronics and potentially causing them to burst or catch fire. Using a whole-house surge protector will keep the following things safe from overloading:

  • Electronics, such as cell phones, TVs, gaming systems, and computers
  • Washers and dryers
  • Telephone systems
  • Stereo equipment
  • Kitchen appliances

After a house fire, restoring it to liveable condition is not only heartbreaking but also incredibly expensive. Luckily, surge protector installation in New Iberia can prevent this catastrophe from ever happening. Contact one of our qualified electricians in Acadiana to provide you with a free quote to see how much it would cost to install a complete home surge protector.

Signs You Need Surge Protection In New Iberia

We recommend installing a surge protection system as soon as possible if any of the following is true for you.

Older Or Historic Homes

Old houses may be a lot of fun to renovate and update, but one of the most significant problems to solve in these residences is the outdated electrical wiring and infrastructure. These homes were not built with smart home technologies, computers, tablets, OLED televisions, or even dimming lights in mind.

Sensitive Electrical Devices

Even a modest power surge can cause modern computerized devices and smart home technologies to incorporate chipsets and other components that are susceptible to being damaged by such a phenomenon.

Electrical-Related Mishaps

If you have frequent electrical problems, such as breaker trips or flickering lights, a home surge protection system is highly recommended. You could also consider additional electrical improvements, such as a full rewire of your house!

Contact Us For Surge Protection Installation In New Iberia

If you’d like to learn more about house surge protectors in New Iberia, Gridic Electrical Services is the company to call. You can rely on our knowledgable electricians to inform you on what makes and model of whole-house surge protection would be the greatest fit for your property. Gridic Electrical Services have been serving the people of Acadiana for years and have the experience needed to get the job done right. Contact us today for a free quote to learn more about surge protector installation in New Iberia.